King Tubby The Producer - Waterhouse Label

Osbourne Ruddock better known as King Tubby is best known for his successful efforts on the dub front. With the opening of his studio in the mid-1980s, he also set up a few labels such as Firehouse, Waterhouse, and Taurus for releasing his productions. This is the second of three Mixcloud posts, featuring personal favorites issued on his WaterHouse label. Vinyl Only!
Artists include Wayne Palmer, Joe Manix, Sugar Minott, Jah Son, Professor Nuts, Louie Culture, Bunny General, Papa San, Courtney Melody, Hoghead and more.

Listen on Mixcloud: King Tubby The Producer - Waterhouse Label

 1. Wayne Palmer – Hell In A Town
2. Don Angelo & Dane Dread – Mampie Size
3. Joe Manix – No Touch Mi Tomato
4. Ashman – Want A Punaunie
5. Lady Junie – Ne Get Punaunie
6. Pan Bird – Punaunie Galore
7. Professor Nuts – No Gun
8. Louie Culture & Wayne Ranks – Rat A Badda Me
9. Singing Melody – She Waa Tie Me
10. Hortense Osbourne – A Me Smarter
11. Sassafrass – Bum U Saddle
12. Phantom – Knock Out Batty
13. Admiral Shirt – Hackle Me Body
14. Jah Son – Fat Ina Panty
15. Bunny General – Donkey Man
16. General Trees – Professional Footballer
17. Hoghead – My Company
18. Papa San – Grandfather
19. Courtney Melody – Loving Woman
20. King Everald – Automatic
21. Little John – Tickle Me
22. Tinga – Tinga Love
23. Sugar Minott – Give Some Love
24. Michael Palmer – Them Nawh Sting


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