Tune of the Week
The Huge Reggae Show #16


About a year ago, Reggae DJ Earl Gateshead – a well-established name in the UK Reggae Music scene – launched a new monthly ‘Podmix’ named The Huge Reggae Show on the SoundCloud platform. The ‘Podmix’ is created to bring out a listener’s own spirituality which Gateshead believes is lacking in more Western cultures and he aims to do this through Reggae music, as he believes it is rooted in human spirituality. Through The Huge Reggae Show Gateshead states: “My intention is to share my own feelings about Reggae Music, in the hope that others may feel it too. The music here is entirely positive. It’s all about helping people who struggle in life. To provide comfort and support to those that find it difficult to live in our current society. That could be anybody of any colour, race or religion.”

Here we present to you the sixteenth episode of Earl Gateshead’s The Huge Reggae Show. More as it happens.